Term dates

Term 1

Tuesday 4th September to Friday 13th October 2017
Holiday Saturday 14th October to Sunday 27th October 2017

Training day Tuesday 4th September 2017

Term 2

Monday 30th October to Tuesday 19th December 2017
Holiday Wednesday 20th December 2017 to Monday 1st January 2018

Closure day Monday 30th October 2017

Term 3

Wednesday 3rd January 2018 to Friday 9th February 2018
Holiday Saturday 10th February to Sunday 18th February 2018

Closure day Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Term 4

Monday 19th February to Thursday 29th March 2018
Holiday Saturday 31st March to Thursday 12th April 2018
Bank holiday Friday 30th March 2018

Term 5

Monday 16th April to Friday 25th May 2018
Holiday Saturday 26th May to Sunday 3rd June 2018

Training day Friday 13th April 2018
Bank holiday Monday 7th May 2018

Term 6

Monday 4th June to Tuesday 24th July 2018
Holiday Wednesday 25th July to Tuesday 28th August 2018

Likely date for Eid Thursday 14th June 2018

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These teddies were made with love by our parent's crochet club. #commitment # dedication https://t.co/0H4vD9oCNE
5:11pm 20.07.2018


Very proud of our 100% attendance pupils and their families. Well done for a whole year of perfect attendance! https://t.co/ayhSecvenD
3:06pm 20.07.2018


How long are your children spending online? What content are they looking at? Who are they talking to? It's just as vital to make sure children are safe online as in the street or the park #safekids #switchedonparent https://t.co/rZb2JJnZbx https://t.co/SzXDg1tbHh
8:25pm 19.07.2018


#BradSciFest starts this Thursday and runs until Sunday. Lots of great free stuff to see and do. https://t.co/51JjYYgc4m https://t.co/TliOmOvX5E
11:04am 18.07.2018