Further Information

We request that patterns should not be shaved into the head as this can distract children and others from their learning.

Jewellery must not be worn to school. If your child has pierced ears, small studs are permitted, however these must be removed by the child for PE. Children who wear watches must take full responsibility for them.

Personal belongings
Children may not bring valuable personal items to school, as staff cannot be held responsible for them. If parents want older children to carry a mobile phone when walking home alone, we will keep it secure in the school safe until home time. Children are expected to take responsibility for their own school equipment, which must be named.

Money should not be brought into school unless for school dinners, fruit or educational visits. 

All money should be paid in advance, in a clearly named envelope, stating the name of the child, the amount and what the money is for.
When we have Enterprise or other events that may require money, we shall let parents know in advance. 

Charging for activities
We aim to provide experiences which build on the curriculum and are important to pupils’ experiences. The school does not receive extra funding for these activities and may ask parents/carers for voluntary contributions for activities. No child will be excluded from such activities if a contribution is not received, but the visit may be cancelled if insufficient voluntary contributions are received.

We currently fund all visits and visitors for those children in receipt of Pupil Premium monies. This will be reviewed annually depending on the central government funding and other budget considerations.

Extra Curricular Clubs
We offer a wide arrange of activities during lunchtimes and before and after school. There is no cost for afterschool clubs which are fully funded by the academy. Children are expected to make a commitment to an activity and attend regularly once allocated a place.

Breakfast club from 8 am and after-school care until 4:30pm are available on request but may incur a charge. These are led by school staff employed for the sessions.

School Council
Representatives from each class regularly attend meetings held to discuss items on the agenda drawn up from suggestions made by the children themselves about key issues affecting them in school. They currently have a budget for developing the playground.

Positive Behaviour
We take great pride in the behaviour of our pupils. The emphasis in the school is to praise positive behaviour, attitude and effort to increase children’s awareness of the how to make a positive contribution to their community.

We have a Behaviour Management Policy which is consistently applied by all adults who work in our school. It is available in the policies section of the website or from school if you wish to see a paper copy. Our Behaviour Management Policy is linked to our three core values:

1. Commitment
2. Enjoyment
3. Teamwork

On the door of each classroom is a Mission Statement. These are the class rules that the pupils and adults have all agreed to and signed. They are referred to during school time.
On occasions a negative behaviour choice may require us to contact parents if any disruption is prolonged and interrupts learning or serious behaviour results in harm or deliberate damage. We would ask you to support school by discussing the matter and applying any agreed consequences as outlined on an agreed behaviour plan. In very rare cases the Headteacher and Governors can exclude pupils for a fixed term. If the behaviour is severe and persistent despite support from outside agencies then the exclusion could be permanent. We hope to avoid this situation by working together with parents to apply our successful behaviour policy fairly to all pupils.

Staff are not expected to talk about ‘bad’ children but instead refer to the bad or good choices that the children have taken. There is a clear emphasis on personal responsibility expressed through choices. The rewards are used to encourage children to make good choices and to demonstrate that if they choose to keep the rules then pleasant consequences will follow.

Partnership with Parents

Home and school
We value and appreciate the important role you have to play in supporting your child and developing a positive attitude to school and learning. We offer a wide range of opportunities for parents to actively participate in supporting their children in school. These include:

  • Open sessions – parents are invited into school to look around their child’s classroom and to see their work
  • Parent-Teacher consultations – this is an opportunity to find out how your child is doing in school
  • Annual school report – this includes details of your child’s progress to date with targets for the summer term for further progression.
  • School newsletter – Each half-term a newsletter is sent out to all parents including notices for upcoming events and a summary of events that have taken place that week.
  • Topic webs are also sent out so that you know what your child is learning about in school. 
  • Curriculum workshops – these are organised on an ad-hoc basis linked to areas that we are focussing on in the school development plan

Please ask a member of staff if you would like more information.