Stay Safe & Keep Healthy

If we want our children to learn to their maximum potential, we need to make sure they stay safe and keep healthy.

Keeping healthy includes aspects of physical, nutritional, emotional and mental health. We help our children to make informed healthy choices about taking exercise and what they eat. Just as important is helping our children to manage their feelings and emotions. They also need to know who to ask if they are upset in any way.

Staying Safe means that they know how to make the right choices in school as well as the wider world, this includes e-safety online. It is important that our children know who to speak to if they are worried and where to find help and advice that they can depend on.

General advice can be found at: 

Check out the links on the left for more specific information.


Crossing the road, wearing seatbelts in the car, fireworks etc. many of which we cover in school over the year.

If you would like any help on where to find health and safety advice, please ask Kirsty our Parental Involvement Officer.