Latest Ofsted report

All schools are required to provide access to their latest Ofsted Inspection report. As an academy we converted on 1st January 2014, our first inspection was held on 15th and 16th November 2016.


The full report can be accessed here: Ofsted 2016


The academy was thoroughly assessed over the two days to ensure that the judgements of the inspectors were based on a range of evidence including: lesson observations, learning walks, performance information, pupil work and conversations with pupils, parents, governors and staff.

Using this information we have been judged to be:

Overall effectiveness                                                       Good

Effectiveness of leadership and management                          Good

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                          Good

Personal development, behaviour and welfare                        Good

Outcomes for pupils                                                        Good

Early years provision                                                        Good

A selection of statements from the report include:

  • The headteacher and senior leaders have established a positive attitude in pupils and school staff. Leaders have high expectations for the quality of teaching. They require classrooms to be well organised with resources for the pupils to use to help them learn.
  • Lessons, assemblies and visits promote effective reflection on faith, culture and personal choices. Pupils show respect for people from all backgrounds and faiths and have a good understanding of British values. They are well prepared to develop into good citizens in a tolerant and diverse Britain.
  • Governance of the school is good. It has a sharp focus on the quality of teaching and learning and holds senior leaders to account.
  • The school puts a high priority on pupil’s welfare. It has worked tirelessly to improve attendance, which has improved and is now good.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective and a high priority in school. The school works closely with external agencies and parents where appropriate so that pupils are well supported and feel safe.
  • Overall the quality of teaching is good and pupils make good progress throughout the school.
  • The progress that pupils are making is checked frequently and any gaps in their understanding is planned into lessons.
  • The behaviour of pupils is good. They have good attitudes and this is reflected in their positive view of the school. Pupils take pride in their school and their work.
  • For those pupils who enter with little or no English, the school’s effective support means that they soon learn enough English to join in lessons and they quickly catch up with other pupils particularly in maths and writing.
  • Extra guidance in groups with suitable choice of resources, as well as good support in lessons by skilled teaching assistants, means that pupils who have special educational needs or disabilities make good progress.
  • The leadership of early years has improved the quality of learning for the young children. Adults make frequent checks on what the children can do and what they need to learn next.
  • The quality of teaching and high expectations result in children making good progress. Most children achieve a good level of development and are well equipped for key stage 1.

Areas for further development

  • Ensure that pupils reach higher standards in reading.
  • Improve the quality of teaching to be consistently good or outstanding.

As you know, we value your opinions on the academy and are available every day either in the playground or via appointment to discuss any feedback you may have.

If as a parent or carer, you would like to share your views with Ofsted regarding Dixons Marchbank Primary, the following link to Parent View is available: