Improvement planning

Academy Improvement Plan 2019-20

1. Quality of education

1.1 Development and implementation of an outstanding broad and balanced curriculum.

1.2 Improve outcomes for pupils in KS2 with a particular focus on reading.

1.3 Middle leaders drive improvements through coaching.

2. Behaviour and attitudes

2.1 Ensure the effectiveness of the behaviour, attendance and punctuality model is sustained.

2.2 The Academy champions positive attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing.

3. Personal development

3.1 Continue to develop peer to peer support throughout school in a variety of roles to create a positive environment full of respect.      

3.2 Develop awareness further of current affairs issues in order to challenge contextual restraint in thinking.

4. Leadership and management

4.1 The reading curriculum and teaching practice becomes embedded.

4.2 Develop the role of subject and middle leaders to ensure maximum effect and impact on progress and outcomes.

4.3 Use the pupil premium effectively to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.

4.4 Provide high levels of support for staff wellbeing issues.

5. Early Years education

5.1 Enhance areas of learning to ensure there are opportunities for purposeful writing in all areas.

5.2 Plan opportunities for pupils to apply their reading skills independently in areas of provision.

5.3 Develop the use of technology within the EYFS setting

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