Improvement planning

Dixons Marchbank 2- to 5-year plan:

1. To develop a curriculum that is based on strong vocabulary and knowledge acquisition, underpinned by strong positive mental health and a love of reading.

2. To introduce a structured programme of Instructional Coaching with the clear aim of improving academic rigour and outcomes for students.

3. To build a streamlined and strengthened associate team that ensures the best outcomes for students.

4. To become an exemplar academy for parental engagement with learning through development of the existing strong Community Hub.

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6:37pm 14.01.2022


Year 5 enjoying the Ancient Egyptian Worlds tour at Leeds Museum. Fantastic ambassadors for our school. #Enjoyment #Teamwork #Commitment
6:37pm 14.01.2022


Thank you for all of the donations from our whole school community to the Poppy Appeal. What an amazing amount! #enjoyment #teamwork #commitment
10:08am 14.01.2022


Some excellent gym work using strength, control and balance. Physical health has a huge effect on mental wellbeing too. #commitment #teamwork #enjoyment
4:08pm 11.01.2022