Term dates

Term 1

Wednesday 29th August to Friday 19th October 2018
Holiday Saturday 20th October to Sunday 4th November 2018

Training day Wednesday 29th August 2018
Training day Friday 19th October 2018

Term 2

Monday 5th November to Thursday 20th December 2018
Holiday Friday 21st December 2018 to Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Term 3

Thursday 3rd January 2019 to Friday 15th February 2019
Holiday Saturday 16th February to Sunday 24th February 2019

Training day Friday 15th February 2019

Term 4

Monday 25th February to Friday 12th April 2019
Holiday Saturday 13th April to Monday 22nd April 2019

Term 5

Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 24th May 2019
Holiday Saturday 25th May to Sunday 9th June 2019

Bank holiday Monday 6th May 2018

Term 6

Monday 10th June to Friday 19th July 2019
Holiday Saturday 20th July to Friday 23rd August 2019

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Smartphones and computers put the whole online world at our fingertips, but not always in a good way. Here is how you can get support with peer pressure, cyberbullying and more #AntiBullyingWeek #ChooseRespect https://t.co/rifb6XfCQf
7:00pm 13.11.2018


Fabulous Self Care event at Kirkgate Shopping Centre today! The Lord Mayor and Billy Bantam promoting the Living Well campaign by taking up the Make One Change Challenge!!! Lots more to come this week! #MakeOneChange https://t.co/JE7xQcy7h9
5:06pm 13.11.2018


Ready for a masked ball with arts and crafts club. Who is who? #enjoyment https://t.co/5Ej0lIXUVC
4:24pm 13.11.2018


Wholemeal pizza bagels. Teaching life skills such as cooking @EduBradford #commitment https://t.co/TVTKgJQzKC
4:23pm 13.11.2018