Careers Week 2019

Posted on 25.11.2019

Funded by the Opportunities Area and in partnership with Bradford Pathways, the aim of careers week was to show our pupils what can be achieved through hard work, the range of opportunities out there and, most importantly how to reach those goals through education, training and work experience.  The event also helped to break down stereotypes around gender and careers.

Careers week kicked off with a ‘What’s My Line’ assembly where we were joined by three volunteers: a female doctor, a chartered accountant who is the sister of one of our teachers and a professional break-dancer (Bradford boy done good who previously attended Dixons City Academy). The pupils were able to ask questions to guess their professions and were then treated to a breakdancing display!

Over the week, a range of other inspirational speakers attended sessions to meet our pupils: Medical Mavericks visited to give hands on experience based around careers in the NHS; a mechanic dismantled a car in the playground; Police officers talked about career opportunities in a public service; a graphic designer from Olympus Print Group delivered workshops and we also secured a team of volunteer mentors from the Leeds Department of Work and Pensions to talk about aspirations and resilience.

We would like to thank everyone who gave their time to support the event, most of whom gave up their time voluntarily.  

Thanks also to the Lord Mayor who visited to talk about her career and how it led her to being in her current role.  

Helen Haunch, Principal said:

"Careers week was a really interesting and useful event.  We want our pupils to think outside the box, learn about careers they didn’t even know existed and understand what it takes to achieve what you aim for. I am grateful to all the staff and visitors who helped to make it such a success."