It's all about the community!

Posted on 20.03.2019

There is so much research which indicates how important parental involvement is in the development and education of children and young people.  At Dixons Marchbank, we recognise this and have a dedicated colleague working families to build relationships with parents and provide meaningful activities to support them.  

Sameera Khan is our Parental Involvement Worker.  Sameera has a varied and interesting role which is always developing to meet the needs of our school community:  

"I do the admissions and help with any queries the parents may have.  Gaining a primary school place can be a daunting task, so any help I can offer is always well received.  On Monday afternoons we have a stay and play session from 1:30 - 3pm which is always well attended; even in bad weather we have at least 8 mums and toddlers in!  In the summer we do indoor and outdoor activities so numbers can go up 15 mums and toddlers. As the children reach age 3, I offer them a place in our Nursery." 

Sameera is always looking for new activities to offer and often works with external partners to access them:  

"We do the Bradford Rhyme Challenge, where we arrange our activities around nursery rhymes. I have entered our setting for the Bradford Libraries Rhyme Challenge, so wish us luck!  I am also an enthusiast for the ‘50 things to do before 5’ so everything we do, I try to relate it back to ticking another box on the list.  I am a walk leader so have a community walk on Monday mornings called ‘A Walk on the Bradford Moor Side’.  It’s for everyone in the community. I also deliver a HENRY course with a member of BEAP and even a crochet class on Fridays!"

Funding these activities isn't always easy, but Sameera is committed to finding opportunities to further her work:  

"We have been awarded a Parents in Lead Grant from Better Start Bradford and with that I will be arranging mother and toddler swimming sessions for the remainder of the year.  Also, our Community Room is currently located in a porta-cabin, which I would like to upgrade and am currently seeking funding for.  It can be cramped and fast becoming dated due to its heavy use."

The Community Room at Dixons Marchbank, although a welcome resource, as well as benefiting our students and their families, is also used by the wider community for a variety of worthwhile activities:

"The space is used by Bradford College to deliver an accredited teaching assistants course as well as sewing and beauty courses. Safety First deliver ESOL, Life in the UK and Driving Theory classes.  We were the first school in Bradford to be awarded the ESOL Friendly School Award.  A ladies group called Get2gether also use our facility and have recently hosted a ladies night at Dixons Marchbank, which was attended by women and children."

If you would like to find out more or get involved in any of these activities, please feel free to call the school and speak to Sameera Khan.