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Dixons Marchbank Primary


Admissions Consultation for September 2024 entry

As the Admission Authority, we have to complete the specific statutory duty that we must consult on admissions arrangements at least once every 7 years and we have acted in accordance with the relevant provisions as prescribed in the DfE (2014) Admissions Code.

Dixons Marchbank Academy fell into this category for admissions for September 2024.

The consultation began on Monday 14 November 2022 and ran until Friday 23 December 2022. The details were published on the Dixons Academies Trust website and the individual academy websites. Letters were also sent to stakeholders within the school community.

During that period, stakeholders were invited to express their feedback and let us know of any concerns about proposals for the 2024 Admissions Arrangements. The stakeholder span included parents, the academy community, local community and religious groups, hirers of space at the academy, local councillors, the Local Authority and if relevant the neighbouring authorities, the local community and other schools/academies.

There were no objections or points raised regarding the admissions procedures for September 2024 and the oversubscription criteria will remain as:

Procedures for Reception entry

The admission arrangements are:

  • There are 60 places in Reception.
  • Applications for places at the Academy will be made in accordance with the local authorities Coordinated Admission Scheme, as published on Bradford local authority’s website and in the authority’s “A guide for parents about admission arrangements for Primary Schools”. Where the Academy receives more applications than places available, the oversubscription criteria will apply.
  • Applications must be made on the Common Application / Preference Form (CAF / CPF) provided by the local authorities by the stated deadline.
  • Children attending the Academy’s nursery are not guaranteed a place in the reception class and parents must complete the CAF/ CPF (as stated above) to apply for a place.

Oversubscription criteria

The Academy has an agreed admissions number of 60 children for entry in Reception. The Academy will accordingly admit up to 60 children in the relevant age group each year if sufficient applications are received. All children will be admitted if 60 or fewer apply.

If the Academy is oversubscribed, after the admission of children with an Education, Health and Care Plan, where the Academy is named, priority for admission will be given to those children who meet the criteria in the order set out below:

  • Looked-after children or children who were previously looked after.
  • Children who have exceptional social or medical need, supported by a written recommendation from the child’s paediatrician / consultant or a professional from Children’s Services. The recommendation must explain why the Academy is the only suitable school to meet the child’s needs and why no other school could provide the appropriate support for the child.

Prioritisation will be decided based on the information received and parents will be informed if the application meets this criterion before the end of March.

  • Up to 2 children of staff, who have been in post for at least two years, or to staff recently appointed to a post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage. If demand exceeds places at this point, the decision of who will be offered the place will be made by using a computerised random number generator programme.
  • Children whose siblings live at the same address, who currently attend the Academy, and who will continue to do so on the date of admission. If demand exceeds places at this point, places will be decided based upon proximity to the Academy.
  • Admission of children based on proximity to the Academy using straight line measurement from the Academy to the home address. Where the offer of places to applicants with equi-distant addresses would lead to oversubscription, the decision of who will be offered the place will be made by using a computerised random number generator programme.

The full policy can be found in the Downloads section below.


Reception intake in September 2023

Parents can apply for a place at the Academy by naming it as a preference on the local authorities’ Common Application Form (CAF). You will receive information about applying from your child's nursery, pre-school setting, or your local authority (council), in November 2022. If you do not receive this information, please contact your local authority’s admissions department.

More information about the primary school application process and the application form will be available on the following webpage: Council website.

If you are applying for a place at Dixons Marchbank under the 'Exceptional medical or social need' or 'Children of staff' oversubscription criteria, please follow the instructions in the Admissions Guidance document which which is available from the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.

The Academy receives more applications than there are places available. Places will be filled in line with the oversubscription criteria stated in the Admissions and Appeals Policy (available from the Downloads section below).

Further information about the Academy can be found on this website or by contacting the Academy via:


Telephone: 01274 089920


In-year applications

If you wish to apply for a place for your child at Dixons Marchbank mid-year, applications should be made through the Bradford Council Admissions team.

The In-Year form is available by downloading it from Bradford Council’s In-year applications webpage or by contacting the Admissions Team at the local authority:


Telephone: 01274 439200

Places will be filled in line with the oversubscription criteria outlined in our Admissions and Appeals Policy (available from the Downloads section below). If you require more information contact us via:


Telephone: 01274 089920

DMB Admissions Appeals Policy 2024 25 (PDF)
DMB Admissions Appeals Policy 2023 24 (PDF)