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Dixons Marchbank Primary

Recent Letters

Reading Royalty 09.07.2024 (PDF)
Dr Bike workshop 19.07.24 (PDF)
Art Exhibition 11.07.24 (PDF)
Sleep Tight Bradford Information Leaflet (PDF)
Year 3 Lotherton Hall 08.07.24 (PDF)
Enterprise Fayre 11 July 2024 (PDF)
Jenny Yorke Ebook Poster (PDF)
New Academic Year Classes 1-6 (PDF)
Nursery Pop Up Farm 12.07.24 (PDF)
Year 4 Woodhall Pond 04.07.24 (PDF)
MCAS letter June Dinner Top up (PDF)
MCAS How to top up your dinner money balance (PDF)
Year 2 Geography Map Work Walk 1 & 3 July 24 (PDF)
Year 3 Linking School 02.07.24 (PDF)
Year 6 Bradford Immunisation team letter (PDF)
Reception Welcome Meeting 8 & 9 June 24 (PDF)
Parentpay closure letter June 24 (PDF)
MCAS guidance June 24 (PDF)
Year 2 Tropical World 27 06 24 (PDF)
Sports day 26.6.24 & 27.6.24 (PDF)
Year 5 Zoo Lab workshop 21.06.2024 (PDF)
Eid-ul-Adha (PDF)
Nursery refund 11.06.24 (PDF)
Nursery Grasshoppers Soft Play 19-21.06.24 (PDF)
Year 6 Ancient Greece workshop 11.06.2024 (PDF)
Family Update 05.06.24 (PDF)
Year 6 Buckden House Residential Trip Information Letter 24.05.24 (PDF)
Year 6 Fundraising event 24.05.24 (PDF)
Reading Royalty visit 21.05.2024 (PDF)
Year 4N Swimming Lessons 03.05.24 (PDF)
Year 4 Acceptable Swimwear leaflet 31.01.24 (PDF)
Local academy board advert May 2024 (PDF)
Local Area walk & B&Q visit 09.05.24 (PDF)
Year 6 Buckden House Parents Meeting 10.05.24 (PDF)
Year 1 RWI phonics session 15.05.24 (PDF)
Sugar and Blaze Author visit (PDF)
Mental Health Champions Project - Parent & Carer workshops (PDF)
Woodwork workshop for families with 0-4s (PDF)
Eid Lunch Menu 12.04.24 (PDF)
Family Update 08.04.24 (PDF)
Year 4 Viking workshop 22.03.2024 (PDF)
Summer Spelling Bee Poster (PDF)
School Council visit to Myra Shay 22.03.24 (PDF)
Reading Royalty 12.03.24 (PDF)
Comic Relief Day 15.03.24 (PDF)
World Book Day 07.03.24 (PDF)
Reception classes Reading at home 23.2.24 (PDF)
Dixons Marchbank Primary MMR letter (PDF)
Vision Testing Reception class 21.03.24 (PDF)
Reception class Nell Bank visit 29.02.2024 (PDF)
Year 5 Egyptian Workshop 20.02.24 (PDF)
Year 5 Kingswood Meeting Payment details 8.02.24 (PDF)
Fluoride Varnish information poster 17.04.24 (PDF)
Year 1 Bradford Industrial Museum visit 20.02.24 (PDF)
Reading Royalty Waterstones visit 06.02.24 (PDF)
Year 4D Swimming Lessons 31.01.24 (PDF)
Year 5 Kingswood Meeting 8.2.24 (PDF)
Reception class Audiology letter 29.01.24 (PDF)
Reception class Height and Weight letter 29.01.24 (PDF)
WTD Student Attendance for Families Jan 24 (PDF)
Attendance 26.01.24 (PDF)
Nursery Lantern Parade 25.01.24 & 29.01.24 (PDF)
Year 4 MTC Meeting 24.01.24 (PDF)
Family Update 19.01.24 (PDF)
School Councillors' Karmand Centre visit 22.01.24 (PDF)
Nursery People who help us visit 18.01.24 (PDF)
Australia Day Menu 18.01.24 (PDF)
Year 2 Great Fire of London workshop 16.01.2024 (PDF)
End of term letter (PDF)
Filming Nativity performances (PDF)
Nursery library letter (PDF)
Ofsted report - Letter to families (PDF)
Nativity Letter Reception Cyprus (PDF)
Nativity Letter Reception France (PDF)
Year 3 Germany Roman Workshop letter 7.12.23 (PDF)
Year 3 Hungary Roman Workshop letter 5.12.23 (PDF)
Road Safety Year 3 (PDF)
Year 4 Stone Age Workshop 01.12.23 (PDF)
Christmas letter (PDF)
Flu letter (PDF)
Ofsted letter (PDF)
Whole school visits and activities (PDF)
WYP Fireworks Safety 05.10.23 (PDF)
Year 5 Parents' Assembly 22.09.23 (PDF)
Jeans for Genes Day 22.09.23 (PDF)
Year 5 parent meeting 14.09.23 (PDF)
RAAC builidng not affected (PDF)
Homework Expectations 2023 (PDF)
New academic year welcome letter (PDF)
Prevent Information letter 16.12.22 (PDF)
Electric Scooter Safety (PDF)
MCAS Parent Guide (PDF)
Healthy packed lunches (PDF)
Admissions arrangements Sept 2023 onwards Information for Dixons parents (PDF)
DAT GDPR Privacy Notice (PDF)
DMB Home academy agreement FEB 2020 (PDF)