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Dixons Marchbank Primary

Dixons Marchbank is the first school in Yorkshire to receive a School Mental Health Award

Posted 3rd July 2018

We are delighted to announce that Dixons Marchbank Primary is the first school in the Yorkshire region to receive the School Mental Health Award.

The award given by Leeds Carnegie Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the charity Minds Ahead, recognises the correlation between positive mental health and successful educational outcomes. It is awarded to schools who have made mental health a strategic priority, developing a culture that fosters positive mental health and wellbeing.

Nicky Morgan, MP presented the award at the Mental Health Conference in Leicester on Friday 29 June. On delivering the award, Nicky Morgan reinforced the importance of good quality mental health provision in school and said: "the role of schools cannot be underestimated in building character and resilience."

The school achieved the pioneering award for the work it has done to improve mental health provision for the whole school community. This includes a focus on mental health through Time to Talk Days, mental health and well-being assemblies, as well as whole school training days to raise awareness of how good mental health is essential to life-long success.

Helen Haunch, the Principal of Dixons Marchbank Primary said:

"The School Mental Health Award has had a fundamental impact on our mental health provision across school. It makes you rethink everything from policies to every day language and how these can affect the whole school. The award is part of a journey, and even though we have achieved silver at this stage, we will continue to develop our metal health provision, not just to hopefully achieve gold in the future, but also to ensure that what we have put in place makes a long term, sustainable and positive impact on pupils, staff, parents and the wider community."