Our nursery consists of traditional morning and afternoon classes, with 39 pupils attending each session. Many of our pupils start nursery with little spoken English and a lack of worldly experience. As such, we emphasise traditional learning mixed with a focus on social development, encompassing learning within and outside the classroom that develops the whole child. Our curriculum for nursery is very child led and we prioritise the individual needs of each child to allow us to provide a suitable programme of education. 

We are developing our nursery curriculum to emphasise more outdoor learning in the next academic year and will link traditional subjects to outside learning.

Almost all of our Reception pupils come from our nursery, so by the time they start in Reception, they have a good grounding of our learning methods and have developed a sense of our culture.

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9:59am 12.04.2019


Sharing our new book purchases with each other @WaterstonesBD1 making our hot chocolates and reading...what could be better?? #enjoyment
9:36am 12.04.2019


Year 4 Easter assembly. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend. #teamwork
5:52pm 11.04.2019


Year 5 enjoying an ancient Egyptian lunch. Delicious!
4:08pm 11.04.2019