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Dixons Marchbank Nursery is a friendly, welcoming pre-school where children are happy, successful and keen to learn. Our nursery is part of the Dixons Marchbank Primary school. We believe that learning is fun, our teaching methods are carefully crafted to ensure that our pupils get the most out of their learning and children enjoy a wide range of activities both indoor and outdoor.

Our nursery currently consists of a range of flexible options of morning / afternoon / all day classes, with a maximum of 39 pupils currently attending at one time. We now offer free, 30 hours provision for children who are eligible and 15 hours free for all three year old children during our morning or afternoon sessions. Pupils staying the whole day can bring a packed lunch or pay for a school dinner.

Our nursery currently consists of a range of flexible options of morning / afternoon / all day classes, with a maximum of 39 pupils currently attending at one time. Many of our pupils start nursery with little spoken English and a lack of worldly experience.  As such, we emphasise traditional learning mixed with a focus on social development, encompassing learning within and outside the classroom that develops the whole child. Our curriculum for nursery is very child-led and we prioritise the individual needs of each child to allow us to provide a suitable programme of education.   We regularly invite parents in to share learning with their children.

The nursery curriculum has an emphasis linking traditional subjects to outdoor learning.  This includes the creation of a fantastic new outdoor area completed in May 2019.

Almost all our Reception pupils come from our nursery, so by the time they start in Reception, they have a good grounding of our learning methods and have developed a sense of our culture. Our parents are very involved with general school life and are invited to take part in many sessions with our younger pupils. A very robust early phonics reading programme, which starts as early as nursery, ensures that our pupils make rapid and sustained progress in gaining reading skills. Our areas of play are carefully designed to ensure that our pupils are constantly learning through structured play, as well as developing social, sharing and relationship skills.  

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