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Dixons Marchbank Primary

Mission, vision and values

Our mission

As a Dixons Academy, our mission is to challenge social and educational disadvantage in the North.

Our vision

By the age of 11 our pupils will be confident, articulate and resilient individuals who have aspirations to succeed on the next step of their journey.

Our values

We have been working on developing our three core values for children and adults in our assemblies. As a result, we all have a shared understanding of our high expectations for everyone.

Commitment - always working to the best of our ability for the benefit of ourselves and our community.

Enjoyment - being engaged, positive and purposeful in our learning.

Teamwork - being responsible for myself and working together to help everyone achieve.

What do you think our core values mean for pupils, staff and parents?

Value Statement

The Dixons Difference is our relentless focus on student achievement, led by highly committed and professional staff. By creating a can-do, independent culture with an emphasis on self discipline, we prepare our learners for future success in an ever-changing world. Our academies put students at their heart and work in close partnership with parents.

We value diversity and cultivate happy schools, based on strong relationships, mutual respect, integrity and honesty.