Below are our long term curriculum plans for each year group for the current year. Here, you can view the content of our teaching over the course of the year across all year groups.

EYFS Long Term Plan 2019-20

Year 1 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Year 2 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Year 3 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Year 4 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Year 5 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Year 6 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Subject Skills Progression documents provide an explanation of what is taught within the long term plan headings:

Art and Design Skills Progression

Computing Skills Progression

Design and Technology Skills Progression

Geography Skills Progression

History Skills Progression

MFL Skills Progression

PE Skills Progression

Science Skills Progression

Topic Webs and 100% sheets for each year group are available in the Downloads section below and will be updated every term. They provide more detailed information about teaching content for the term and the vocabulary your child will need to be successful in their learning.

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